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Did you know that your mobile workforce is three times more likely to be in an accident than the rest of your company? Accidents are expensive. Prioritizing risk mitigation ensures a safer mobile workforce. Let's walk through the three necessary components of an effective safety program needs that mitigates risk and reduces the cost of accidents. MOTOR VEHICLE RECORD (MVR) CHECKS Mobile employees' with a history of negative driving behavior are a liability. Identify high-risk drivers with a comprehensive review of their Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs). • Centralized report for all employees (across the U.S.) • Integrated employee experience through the Motus Platform • Actionable results delivered in 24-48 hours • Run reports as frequently as every month *Note: Best practice is to run at least bi-annual MVR checks INSURANCE VERIFICATION When insurance is not substantiated, your company is at risk. With Motus Driver Safety Solutions, you can confirm employees are compliant with company vehicle insurance policies. • Set insurance levels to meet your organizational risk needs • Employees easily submit proof of their insurance from within their account • Gain peace of mind that your employees and business are protected SAFETY TRAINING This program uses several impactful methods to improve awareness while driving. As with MVRs and insurance verification, safety training is an integrated experience for employees and program administrators. Better yet? You can reduce collision rates by 35% . • Safety assessments and risk profiling manage driver risk • Personalized training corrects specific driving behaviors • Video-based training modules simulate real-life driving scenarios An Effective Safety Program for your Mobile Workforce How safe is your mobile workforce? Take the risk assessment to find out. FIND OUT YOUR RISK MOTUS DRIVER SAFETY SOLUTIONS

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