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GOOD TIMES, BAD TIMES In an industry that's always bracing for the next downturn, it's important to know there are options for vehicle programs and reimbursements. This gives companies choices in how they manage a mobile workforce. A FAVR reimbursement can go up and down, but the amount reimbursed will remain fair, defensible and in compliance with the IRS – which is helpful during economic booms and busts. Not being bound to a fleet also creates flexibility. Instead of relying on depreciating assets that need to be stored, maintained and fueled up, companies can issue tax-free reimbursements to mobile workers – payments that can change with the economy. This flexibility may prevent some hard choices between downsizing a vehicle fleet or downsizing the workforce. Companies considering FAVR should consult a business vehicle solution provider to develop a program that meets their requirements and strategic objectives. Business vehicle partners can provide the best local, industry and market data to help set the most calculated Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Reimbursement for each individual mobile employee. Because FAVR is an IRS-approved program, and not a new idea, there are technology solutions available that navigate the ins and outs of FAVR compliance and reimbursement – alleviating administrative headaches and allowing oil and gas companies to focus more on productivity and safety in the field. About Motus For companies with mobile workers that drive more than 5,000 business miles per year, Motus is the premier vehicle management and reimbursement platform. Through its sophisticated configuration engine that incorporates real-time data across hundreds of variables, Motus drives significant reductions in cost, ensures compliance, and reimburses employees exactly what they deserve. For more information about the company, please visit or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Learn more about Motus ▶ Contact Motus

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