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Business Vehicle Programs 101: Taking Ownership of Employee Driving

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16 1. "Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report, 10th Edition" Runzheimer. 2016. 2. "Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report, 10th Edition" Runzheimer. 2016. 3. "An Inside Look at Millennials' Business Vehicle and Relocation Preferences," Runzheimer. 2016. https://www.runzheimer. com/resources/recruiting- multigenerational-talent-data-study 4. 5. "Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers – 2015," Network of Employers for Tra c Safety. 2015. http://tra csafety. org/nets_road_resources/cost-of-motor- vehicle-crashes-to-employers-2015 6. a-four-year-low-last-year-still-exceed-units-sold/" sites/jimgorzelany/2018/03/13/auto-recalls-hit-a-four-year-low-last-year-still- exceed-units-sold/#3a0797933856 7. "FASB Issues Lease Rules; Will Have Big Balance Sheet Impacts," Bloomberg BNA. 1 March, 2016. fasb-issues-lease-n57982067931/ 8. Automotive Fleet Fact Book 2016 http://digital.automotive- FactBook2016/#&pageSet=0&contentItem=0 9. "Safety on the Road," National Safety Council. pages/nsc-on-the-road.aspx 10. "Workforce Mobility Benchmark Report, 10th Edition" Runzheimer. 2016. Fairer and more accurate reimbursements can also alleviate and prevent employee grievances around business travel. Business vehicle programs can serve multiple purposes beyond mere reimbursement, from morale-boosting to altering benefit packages and generating new business insights. Complicated. Time-consuming. Wasteful. If your current business vehicle program brings any of these terms to mind, it's time for a change. By mastering the basics of business vehicle programs and landing on the right structure, managing your business vehicles can be simple, efficient and valuable to the entire organization. About Motus Motus is the definitive leader in mileage reimbursement and driver management technologies for businesses with mobile workers and fleets of all sizes. Only Motus leverages deep insights captured across the world's largest retained pool of drivers to calculate personalized and compliant vehicle reimbursements, keep drivers productive and safe, and ultimately maximize returns and minimize risk for all aspects of the mobile workforce. Motus expertise also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more information about the company, please visit or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Learn more about Motus ▶ Contact Motus

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