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MOTUS FLEET Fleet Personal-Use Chargeback Put Your Employees First With Fair and Accurate Personal-Use Chargebacks Companies with fleet programs o en assume a personal-use percentage of total reported mileage or charge employees a flat amount like $150 per month regardless of actual personal mileage driven. This incen vizes employees to drive more on nights and weekends in their company car, resul ng in faster vehicle replacement cycles. These methods are costly to your bo om line and unfair to your employees who may or may not incur excessive personal mileage. Fortunately, there's a solu on. Motus Fleet offers three flexible personal-use chargeback op ons that guarantee each employee is only charged for the personal-use they incur. Choose from a flat cent-per-mile rate, variable fuel rate or a combina on of both. Chargeback calcula ons are specific to the individual employee — measuring their business mileage against their monthly odometer reading. With fair and accurate chargebacks, your employees enjoy the benefits of driving a company-provided vehicle without cos ng the business. Transform Your Company Car with Technology For companies required to administer a fleet vehicle program, you're faced with a unique set of challenges. The biggest obstacle? The cost of personal-use chargebacks on a company-provided vehicle. Your employees are using the vehicle to perform their job du es, but they also need to make personal stops like running errands or dropping off their kids at school. How can you accurately charge for this personal mileage? © 2021 MOTUS, LLC

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