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DBI Beverage Achieves $340,000 in Cost Savings by Partnering with Motus

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DBI BEVERAGE ACHIEVES $340,000 IN COST SAVINGS BY PARTNERING WITH MOTUS David Yoder, Chief Financial Officer at DBI Beverage, discovered there was a better way for his mobile workforce to track their mileage. Through other companies in the beverage distribution industry, he learned it was possible to automate mileage capture and achieve significant cost savings in the process. With this insight, David looked for a mileage tracking and reimbursement solution that would positively impact the entire business. Customer challenges Over the last decade, DBI Beverage underwent several acquisitions, and their team grew significantly as a result. This large group of mobile workers captured their mileage with manual paper logs, creating uncertainty and administrative headaches across the business. That's why David and his team began searching for a better answer to solve for their mileage reimbursement challenges. Goals for their team Here's what DBI Beverage was looking for with a new solution: • Time savings for their mobile workers • GPS-verified, IRS-compliant mileage logs • Significant cost savings and quick ROI • Program consistency across the business "People find the tool very intuitive and easy to use day-to-day. Our team has a lot of confidence in the Motus system, it does a really accurate job of compiling business mileage. It's a very fair tool, and it gives us a good level of confidence and our mobile workforce appreciates it because it's a fair representation of their work day. Everyone feels like they're on the same page with Motus." - David Yoder, CFO at DBI Beverage

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