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Motus Accountable Allowance Motus offers easy solu ons to these issues. That means spending less on tax waste and more on other company needs. We provide insurance verifica on, preven ng liability within your mobile workforce by ensuring your drivers are opera ng lawfully. Automated mileage tracking with the Motus App is the backbone of our accountable allowance. The Motus App Through the Motus App, employees don't have to worry about manually logging miles, and the internal burden remains minimal. Using the Motus App to track and submit these miles, we guarantee reimbursements up to the IRS mileage standard rate tax free. Addi onally, mileage submi ed through the Motus App is IRS compliant, reducing risk of a painful audit. A CAR ALLOWANCE is a vehicle program where companies pay each of their employees the same amount every month for the business use of their personal vehicle. Because these payments are generally above the IRS mileage rate, they're taxable, PLACING A FINANCIAL BURDEN ON BOTH THE COMPANY AND THE EMPLOYEE. The Right Allowance Program for Your Company and its Mobile Employees Companies with accountable allowance programs should require accurate mileage logs from their mobile workers. But, the honest answer is, they don't always. And when they do, the mileage logs they receive aren't guaranteed to be accurate. In fact, most accountable allowance programs: • Use inefficient, manual mileage logs • Expose the company to unnecessary tax burden • Do nothing to account for individual insurance © 2021 MOTUS, LLC MOTUS REIMBURSE Accountable Allowance

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