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3 SECTION 1: GENERAL MOBILE SERVICE POLICY 1.1 POLICY STATEMENT This policy will be used to outline eligibility requirements and govern the mobile services made available to eligible employees. This policy also has limited provisions for the use of personally owned mobile devices in targeted business use cases. This policy has been designed to govern and communicate the guidelines by which mobile services are to be provisioned, managed and used at all company locations. Some locations may have factors affecting wireless mobile services that require defined local policies that are more restrictive than this policy and are allowed, so long as the local policy has reference to this master policy. In the case of a conflict between a local wireless mobile service policy and this policy, this policy will succeed. All devices and service plans in scope will be directly owned and centrally managed by COMPANY and will be provided solely by company-approved vendors (See Section 2). Exceptions will be documented and controlled under the personally owned smart-device provisions of the policy. Eligible employees that have approval will be issued the appropriate, company-paid, wireless mobile device and service plan based on their job requirements and responsibilities as governed by this policy (See Section 3). Administration of wireless mobile services will be centralized to ensure common services and maximize efficiency (See Section 4). Employees who have been provided wireless mobile services are responsible for managing and controlling the usage and costs associated with their service (See Section 5).

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