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Mobility Industry Trends Effecting Rising Costs for Enterprise IT Departments

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2 OVERVIEW Mobile environments across the globe are changing rapidly. Evolving technology and business requirements affecting the way enterprises manage their environments have lead companies to make decisions related to mobile management they may not have considered before. To keep up with changing business needs, businesses need a well-defined mobility strategy. And understanding the complete spectrum of costs associated with mobile management decisions? That is just as critical as keeping enterprise IT costs in check. The importance of effectively managing enterprise mobile devices cannot be overstated. Enterprises only need to look at recent trends identified through AOTMP research across the wireless landscape: • Enterprises are managing more service providers, device models and operating systems than ever before • Smart device adoption is only going up • The percentage of employee-liable devices within enterprise environments has nearly doubled over the past two years • The number of mobile applications being deployed in the enterprise has tripled over the past few years Unfortunately, when considering changes to their mobile environment, most enterprises only consider top- line financial costs in the decision-making process. Support costs are often misunderstood or overlooked when enterprises make changes to increase the efficiency of their mobile device use and management. This whitepaper serves to highlight key trends in the mobile management industry while exploring cost considerations and implications of each trend. Although the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) management model has always been an option for organizations, the adoption rate has only recently increased. According to AOTMP research, 26% of all enterprise devices are considered BYOD which is an all-time high for the metric. Further, a 2016 study by Tech Pro Research showed that 72% of organizations either currently allow devices for work purposes or are planning to do so within 12 months. Driving this increase is the perception that moving to this approach will significantly reduce the cost and management effort for enterprise mobility.

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