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5 KEY CHALLENGES OF BYOD RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FIRMS THAT ADOPT BYOD 9 Control is s ll necessary, but an "all or nothing approach" is impossible. 9 Employers must update their mobile policy to specify: who is eligible, what devices and applica ons are permi ed to access the network, when, where and what data employees can access with BYOD. 9 TEM, WEM and MDM programs can manage BYOD through automa on of eligibility verifica on, program enrollment, device tracking and repor ng of employee sign-off that they will abide by BYOD policies. 9 Companies need a combina on of technology and resources to iden fy when employees fail to comply with BYOD rules. 9 Con nually changing consumer technology requires employers to adopt programs to reflect the fact that managing BYOD isn't a one- me job. Most organiza ons will have more mobile devices that access their corporate network than PCs. BYOD programs present new challenges for security, employee privacy, legal considera ons and lost produc vity as employees deal with technical problems and runaway expenses. Internal poli cs create an environment where it is difficult to properly address BYOD challenges. This paper provides insights into the challenges of BYOD for telecommunica ons devices and applica ons with a prescrip on of dos and don'ts. Readers will gain knowledge of the specific recommenda ons for managing expenses, security, legal ma ers, privacy, employee produc vity and technical issues.

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