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Copyright © 2013 TEMIA P a g e | 3 Of the four alternatives to corporate liable, BYOD is the most widespread. TEMIA members report that 48% of their clients have adopted it and another 20% are evaluating it. BYOD also presents a contradiction. It would appear to release employers from expenses associated with providing and managing devices and applications, but it doesn't. TEMIA members have found that for clients that implement a BYOD strategy, 69% report that costs are either rising or about the same. Key Challenges of BYOD Most organizations will have more mobile devices that access their corporate network than PCs. BYOD programs present new challenges for security, employee privacy, legal considerations and lost productivity as employees deal with technical problems and runaway expenses. Internal politics create an environment where it is difficult to properly address BYOD challenges. Recommendations for firms that adopt BYOD Control is still necessary, but an "all or nothing approach" is impossible. Employers must update their mobile policy to specify: who is eligible, what devices and applications are permitted to access the network, when, where and what data employees can access with BYOD. TEM, WEM and MDM programs can manage BYOD through automation of eligibility verification, program enrollment, device tracking, and reporting of employee sign-off that they will abide by BYOD policies. Companies need a combination of technology and resources to identify when employees fail to comply with BYOD rules. Continually changing consumer technology requires employers to adopt programs to reflect the fact that managing BYOD isn't a one-time job. This paper provides insights into the challenges of BYOD for telecommunications devices and applications with a prescription of dos and don'ts. Readers will gain knowledge of the specific recommendations for managing expenses, security, legal matters, privacy, employee productivity and technical issues. 44% 25% 25% 6% spending on mobile telecom services are rising costs are about the same unable to track BYOD's impact on costs costs going down 69%

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