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Copyright © 2013 TEMIA P a g e | 7 Do Budget for Additional Complexity and Security Costs Additional complexity from more devices, operating systems and security risks present new challenges that managers at all organizations need to plan for in their budgets. Malware and viruses on smartphones are increasing. Spyware can steal personal information and send it to cyber criminals. Malware can instruct a device to dial premium 900 numbers and new viruses target data on devices. Costs to provide security and help desk support are higher than planned as more employees use a wider range of devices and applications. Trying to solve BYOD problems with endpoint protection software, policy enforcement and data leak prevention software may work for most corporate IT, but it doesn't work with telecommunications. Also there is the issue of runaway mobile service expenses. BYOD programs for telecommunications present thousands of variations of smartphone operating systems and applications. Why Are Costs Rising? Do Consider What Capabilities You Need The BYOD phenomenon creates problems which require consideration of new capabilities, which can be grouped into three main categories: enrollment, program management and expense control security policy enforcement Enrollment, Program Management and Expense Control TEM, WEM and MDM programs can help manage the transition to a BYOD program and on-boarding of new employees. Deployment of new devices isn't a one-time job. A web portal can automate the process for tracking employee eligibility, program enrollment, applications, devices, and sign-off that they will abide by BYOD policies. Employers gain better visibility for all telecom expenses with stipend reporting when TEM WEM and MDM programs are integrated with BYOD programs. Interfaces with accounting systems can gather information from employees' expenses to identify what is allowed and what cannot be expensed. 50% 60% 30% 0% 50% 100% More complexity, more diversity with devices, iOS New and increasing security challenges UNRELATED to BYOD Additional security challenges with BYOD More devices to manage

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