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Trends in Mobile Work: The Emergence of BYOD

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By working remotely, people are enjoying a better quality of life and higher job satisfaction. But the lines between work and personal life? Those are more blurred than ever before. TODAY'S MOBILE WORKFORCE IS DIFFERENT Mobile workers used to be a group of employees in select professions like field sales, field service and delivery. Remote work has expanded to include workers in nearly every profession. Research shows that mainstream office employees are now the largest group of mobile workers (66%) 3 . Many organizations let these employees choose when they work in the office, at home or at other remote locations. The mobile worker of the past is now part of a larger group: mobile-enabled workers. 2 80% 81% of employees agree that working remotely helps them manage work-life conflict better. 2 of employees agree that the ability to work remotely would make them less stressed. 2 There are more than 92 million mobile-enabled workers in the U.S. Office management employees (people in managerial or executive roles) Mainstream office employees (analysts, professionals, and administration) Field sales employees Field service or delivery employees 61% 66% 44% 41% 81% Source: Frost & Sullivan MOBILE-ENABLED PROFESSIONS

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