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MOTUS DRIVE SAFE: ASSESSMENTS & TRAININGS IDENTIFY HIGH-RISK DRIVERS Drivers begin with a series of questions about them and their vehicle to gauge their profile. Next, they are evaluated on their driving attitude and behavior through an interactive virtual assessment – combining questions with behind-the-wheel simulations to test drivers' ability to react and spot hazards in time. Drivers are given a risk rating at the end of the assessment ranging from low- to very- high risk with an explanation for the rating. PERSONALIZED TRAININGS FOR DRIVERS Each employee has unique driving behaviors – Motus Drive Safe is designed with that in mind. Following their risk assessment, drivers are assigned short 5-20 minute courses based on their areas of deficiency. Modules feature engaging video and animation, as well as an entertaining host who guides learners through the topic and covers best practices. Each module includes a knowledge check to reinforce learning. Car accidents are expensive. In fact, it can cost upwards of $671,000 per accident! 1 Not only do they affect your finances, accidents also negatively impact your most valuable asset – your employees. And that raises the question: are you doing enough to mitigate the daily risk of managing a mobile workforce? With Motus Drive Safe, you'll be able to administer an impactful driver safety program that provides your employees with the necessary resources to not only drive safer but to also drive smarter. The Motus safety trainings can help mitigate risk, reduce liability and protect your employees on the road.

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