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MOTUS DRIVE SAFE: ASSESSMENTS & TRAININGS PERSONALIZED TRAININGS TAILORED TO EACH DRIVER Each employee has unique driving behaviors – Motus Safety is designed with that in mind. Drivers begin with an interac ve virtual assessment that tests six core driving func ons like speed management, space management, and a tude. The assessment provides a baseline for the employee's training curriculum. Our solu on creates a custom curriculum by educa ng them on be er driving prac ces in the areas they're deficient in. Following each training, they're tested for competency with a 10-ques on quiz. Car accidents are expensive. In fact, it can cost upwards of $671,000 per accident! 1 Not only do they affect your finances, accidents also nega vely impact your most valuable asset – your employees. And that raises the ques on: are you doing enough to mi gate the daily risk of managing a mobile workforce? With Motus Safety, you'll be able to administer an impac ul driver safety program that provides your employees with the necessary resources to not only drive safer but to also drive smarter. The Motus safety trainings can help mi gate risk, reduce liability and protect your employees on the road. 1

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