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ABOUT MOTUS Motus is the defini ve leader in solu ons for businesses with mobile-enabled workers and fleets of any size. The Motus technology pla orm simplifies both mileage and mobile device reimbursement with proprietary so ware that calculates personalized and compliant reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee produc vity and reducing the overall costs of mobility. The company's deep insights captured across the world's largest retained pool of drivers also underpin the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more informa on please visit or connect with us on Twi er, Facebook or LinkedIn. REINFORCING SAFE DRIVING BEHAVIORS Courses are offered in packs of 12 or six – allowing for tes ng monthly or every other month. Regular tes ng intervals reduces the risk of an accident by 35% by keeping safety top of mind for employees and reinforcing posi ve driving behaviors. 2 Every accident avoided is a preventa ve cost savings for your company. REDUCING LIABILITY WHILE CREATING AN ADDITIONAL EMPLOYEE BENEFIT 2 3 Any me an employee gets into an accident during business hours, the company could be liable - regardless if the vehicle is company-owned or personally-owned. Accidents result in injury, lost employee produc vity, costly vehicle repairs, or worse, lawsuits. 4 Motus Safety helps reduce your organiza on's liability by protec ng your employees. LEARN MORE 1 CDC - Motor Vehicle Safety at Work: Resources: Motor Vehicle Crash Facts - NIOSH. (2019, April 16). Retrieved from h ps:// motorvehicle/resources/crashdata/facts.html 2 Motus Drive Safe. (2017, August 17). Retrieved from h ps:// 3 2018 Driver Safety Risk Report. (2018, April 13). Retrieved from h ps:// 4 Murrell, M. (2018, September 19). Reducing Liability is Good, but Safety is Primary Goal. Retrieved from h ps:// reducing-liability-is-good-but-safety-is-primary-goal. Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $57.9 billion in 2018. 3

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