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Motus Reimburse: Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR)

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MOTUS FIXED & VARIABLE RATE No more reimbursements with clear winners and losers. No more tax waste and labor law viola ons. No more exorbitant maintenance costs and mileage fraud. FAVR offers individualized reimbursements, specific to each employee. These rates are calculated using expected business mileage in addi on to their home address to guarantee both fairness and accuracy. Employers chose a standard automobile, based on the business needs of the organiza on or employee's role, and insurance requirements. As long as they meet the insurance compliance, employees get to drive the vehicle of their choosing. MOTUS MILEAGE Automated mileage tracking benefits both the company and its drivers in numerous ways. Replacing unreliable manual mileage logs with automated tracking does away with accuracy challenges and administra ve burden. Organiza ons that adopt mileage capture technology have been able to reduce mileage by as much as 25%. Fixed costs are constant month over month but vary from employee to employee. They include things like: Variable costs vary month over month and are based on number of business miles driven. They include things like: Most vehicle programs—mileage reimbursements, car allowances, company-provided vehicles—serve their purpose. But they do so at considerable expense to both employer and employee. In fact, these vehicle programs o en: • Incur unnecessary expenses • Result in wasted man hours • Violate labor laws • Expose companies to IRS audit Gas Oil MOTUS REIMBURSE: FIXED & VARIABLE RATE (FAVR) THE ONLY IRS-RECOMMENDED METHODOLOGY Insurance premiums License & registra on fees Taxes & deprecia on Maintenance Tire Wear

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