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BYOD & Remote Work Reimbursement Policy Lawsuits

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DELIVERY: SCHWAN HOME SERVICES Employees o en use a personal phone for business purposes. And while not surprising that a California court ruled in favor of the plain ffs in Cochran v. Schwan Home Service Inc, that employers must reimburse for such business use of personal devices, the court went on to find that this is required even when the employee's phone plan was "unlimited". While the employee was not spending more, an employer should nonetheless not be unjustly enriched by paying nothing at all. READ MORE » COFFEE: STARBUCKS Companies have o en relied on the de minimis doctrine when defending against certain claims. This essen ally means "it's so li le, it doesn't really ma er." While this may seem like an a rac ve way to avoid reimbursing employees for their phone, internet, or work-from-home costs, it is not likely to be successful. For example, in Troester v. Starbucks Corp., a California court found that "4-10 minutes" per employee was not di minimis. Arguments like "my employees might use their phones for work, but not in a way that really ma ers" or "my employees might use their phones for work, but it's not long enough to be considered a measurable amount of me" hold less water when looking at this decision. READ MORE » Remote work reimbursements can be a tricky business. Over-reimbursing employees means addi onal expense, mul plied across the mobile-enabled workforce. On the other hand, under-reimbursing employees could result in li ga on. No company wants the headache of a lawsuit. But as more businesses adopt Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and a work from home culture, lawsuits ed to under-reimbursing employees have surfaced. Here are four recent lawsuits in which employees sued companies over reimbursement policies (or lack thereof). BYOD & REMOTE WORK REIMBURSEMENT POLICY LAWSUITS LITIGATION THAT CHANGED HOW EMPLOYERS REIMBURSE FOR CELL PHONE & HOME OFFICE EXPENSES

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