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HOW MOTUS CALCULATES REIMBURSEMENT HOW IT WORKS REMOTE WORK REIMBURSEMENT Working from home is gaining popularity among employers that want to provide flexibility and boost employee happiness. In fact, some companies are ditching a physical office space en rely to become 100% remote. Why? They see it as an opportunity to open the talent pool and keep opera ng costs low. But this growing trend poses new challenges for execu ve leadership. One being: how do you reimburse employees accurately for their business expenses? Many states have labor laws that require employers to reimburse employees for any business expenses they incur while performing their job. This includes cell phones and internet. And while home office expenses aren't explicitly called out as required reimbursement, employers wishing to make their employees whole may view them as a warranted business expense. The simplest reimbursement option is a flat stipend or allowance. But those take a one-size-fits-all approach – failing to account for geographic cost differences. Motus provides reimbursement rates for mobile devices, internet and home office expenses unique to each employee's home and/or regular office location. Because the rates are backed by true living cost data from across the nation, you can give employees a fair and accurate reimbursement – no matter where they live. MOBILE DEVICES HOME OFFICE INTERNET • Device Costs • Carrier Costs • Mortgage/Rent • Insurance • Taxes • Speed Package • State taxes • Insurance (Op onal) • U lites • Maintenance • Modem/Hardware Fees It's simple. You provide us with the employee informa on. We'll calculate a mobile device, internet and home office reimbursement rate individualized to each employee. A new reimbursement rate file will be generated once a month for you to download. Using each employee's home and/or regular office location, Motus calculates the individual components below and compiles them into three different reimbursement rates.

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