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1 2019 State of Remote Work. Owl Labs. h ps:// 2 Work-At-Home A er Covid-19—Our Forecast. Global Workplace Analy cs. h ps://globalworkplaceanaly er-covid-19- our-forecast 3 Behesh , Naz. 10 Timely Sta s cs About The Connec on Between Employee Engagement and Wellness. Forbes. h ps:// nazbehesh /2019/01/16/10- mely-sta s cs-about-the-connec on-between-employee-engagement-and-wellness/#4604dbef22a0 4 Hickman, Adam. Is Working Remotely Effec ve? Gallup Research Says Yes. Gallup Workplace. h ps:// working-remotely-effec ve-gallup-research-says-yes.aspx 5 Gownder, J.P. Work From Home Is Simply Step One: Employee Rela onship Management For COVID-19. Forrester. 6 Lackey, Danielle. Employees Working From Home? A Legal Overview. Motus. h ps:// 7 How to Manage BYOD S pends, Reimbursements, and Allowances, 2018 Update. Gartner. 8 Brenan, Megan. U.S. Workers Discovering Affinity for Remote Work. Gallup. h ps:// remote-work.aspx 9 McCann, Josephine. Why visibility into expense reports is so important. Appzen. h ps:// 10 Save me and money on expense report processing. Concur. h ps:// cle/save- me-and-money-on-expense- report- processing 11 North America Fit-Out Cost Guide 2019-2020 edi on. CBRE. h ps:// Guide-2019-2020 ABOUT MOTUS Motus is the definitive leader in solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. The Motus technology platform simplifies reimbursement and management of mileage, mobile device and remote work with proprietary software that calculates personalized and compliant reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee productivity and reducing the overall costs of mobility. The company's unmatched living cost data, refined over more than 80 years and updated in real time, has made Motus the leading provider of mobile workforce management solutions for top Fortune 500 companies. Motus automotive data, captured and analyzed across the world's largest retained pool of drivers, also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more information please visit or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. METHODOLOGY Remote work has many benefits for both employees and employers. Customized reimbursements that reflect each employee's loca on improve sa sfac on and demonstrate empathy for this rapid shi in lifestyle. There is no need for one-size-fits-all approaches or the tax waste that comes with them. The Motus pla orm can help employers rapidly implement fair and accurate remote work reimbursements at scale. Contact Motus to learn how your organization can enable remote workers with fair and accurate reimbursements. CONTACT US Reimbursement data assumes full- me work at a home office. This includes: High-speed broadband internet connection; including monthly equipment rental Latest generation smartphone – 1 model; standard single user plan with unlimited data 150 SF space for home office; shared use for business and personal purposes Professional employees in a $60,000 -$200,000 salary range

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