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2020 Driving Activity Report - May 21

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METHODOLOGY Finding the balance between increasing field ac vity to its previous levels and maintaining cau on is far from easy. Include searching for efficiencies in business expenses and op mizing the burden of fixed assets and the ask grows even more challenging. This report may offer some guidance to leaders hoping to understand emerging trends and apply knowledge gained from these indicators as they work forward. Learn more about ways to enable your evolving workforce. LEARN MORE More than 5 million business mileage logs from the world's largest retained pool of drivers were analyzed to iden fy trends in different regions and industry sectors. Driving ac vity is measured in business mileage levels and trip volumes. Data covered all 50 states and more than 50 industry sectors. Regions follow the U.S. Census classifica on of states. ABOUT MOTUS Motus is the defini ve leader in solu ons for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. Motus simplifies reimbursement and management of mileage, mobile devices and remote work with proprietary so ware that calculates personalized reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee produc vity, reducing overall mobility costs and suppor ng our customers' tax and labor law compliance programs. The company's unmatched living cost data, refined over more than 80 years and updated in real me, has made Motus the leading provider of mobile workforce management solu ons for top Fortune 500 companies. Motus automo ve data, captured and analyzed across the world's largest retained pool of drivers, also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more informa on please visit www.motus.com or connect with us on Twi er, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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