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9 9 ABOUT MOTUS Motus is the defini ve leader in solu ons for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces. Motus simplifies reimbursement and management of mileage, mobile devices and remote work with proprietary so ware that calculates personalized reimbursements for each employee, while improving employee produc vity, reducing overall mobility costs and suppor ng customers' tax and labor law compliance programs. The company's unmatched living cost data, refined over more than 80 years and updated in real me, has made Motus the leading provider of mobile workforce management solu ons for top Fortune 500 companies. Motus automo ve data, captured and analyzed across the world's largest retained pool of drivers, also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more informa on please visit or connect with us on Twi er, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. A MORE FLEXIBLE APPROACH Every business can benefit from taking a fresh look at its fixed assets and exploring op ons to reduce that expense. Conver ng assets to reimbursement programs leaves companies more flexible to protect liquidity and respond to drama c shi s in the business landscape. When choosing a reimbursement approach, companies will benefit from using a FAVR-based approach. The costs of mobile phones, driving and office space all vary based on where an employee is located, and reimbursements should accurately reflect those differences. 91% of Motus customers realized a return on their investment in 12 months or less TechValidate TVID: 211-B27-B91 Ready to add liquidity to your business as we work forward? Motus can help. CONTACT US METHODOLOGY Motus performed a cost analysis of: 2,000 Fleet vehicles 17,000 Company-provided phones 1,000 Office-space loca ons 1 2019-2020 Cell Phone Deprecia on Report. Bank My Cell. h ps:// on-report-2019-2020 2 Internal Study on Fleet Costs. Motus. June 2020 3 2019 Reten on Report. Work Ins tute. h ps://info.workins on%20Report/Work%20Ins tute%202019%20 Reten on%20Report%20final-1.pdf 4 Mileage Trends Flash Report. Motus. June 3, 2020. h ps:// vity-report-2 5 Remote Work: A New Advantage. Motus. h ps:// 6 Ramey, Jay. "Rental Giant Hertz Could Be in Bankruptcy in Weeks, Destroying What's Le of the Used Car Market". Road and Track. h ps:// 7 2019 Mobile Workforce Benchmark Report. Motus. h ps://

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