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© 2021 MOTUS, LLC Benefits of partnering with Motus • Reduce your mobile device spend without changing carriers. • Free up IT resources and reduce support costs. • Streamline repor ng and gain valuable insights into data usage and spend. • Boost employee produc vity and op mize the user experience. • Seamlessly manage a hybrid device program (company-provided & BYOD) within one pla orm. Motus is the defini ve expert in anywhere workforce solu ons. Its pla orm and proprietary so ware simplify the reimbursement and management of vehicle, device, work and living costs through personalized calcula ons. Powered by an unmatched pool of data, refined over more than 80 years, and updated in real me, Motus is the pla orm of choice for top Fortune 500 companies and organiza ons commi ed to workplace agility. Motus automo ve data, captured and analyzed across the world's largest retained pool of drivers, also underpins the annual Internal Revenue Service (IRS) business mileage standard, the amount an individual can deduct for business vehicle expenses. For more informa on please visit or connect with us on Twi er, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. LEARN MORE MOTUS MMS: MANAGED MOBILITY SERVICES FOR COMPANY PROVIDED DEVICES What we do Carrier & Invoice Management Motus analyzes your current carrier spend to see where you can op mize plans and reduce costs – ditching idle lines and unused features. You'll gain visibility and streamline cost alloca on repor ng through helpful dashboards. Procurement & Mobile Asset Management With Motus, device procurement is hassle free. The pla orm allows you or your employees to easily order new devices that meet your policy requirements with built-in approval workflows. Motus takes care of the rest. Repor ng & Policy Management Gain full visibility into billing and data usage with the Motus Pla orm. High-priority items like zero usage lines and data overages are flagged for your a en on – helping you contain, control and reduce your mobile expenses. Help Desk Support Our U.S.-based Help Desk is here to assist you or your employees with troubleshoo ng and resolve device-related issues – reducing your administra ve tasks and increasing employee produc vity. Device Repair & Logis cs From cracked screens to failed ba eries, Motus provides mely replacements and repairs of broken or failed mobile devices, keeping your business running smoothly. We save you me by ensuring rapid, on- me deployment of business-ready devices. Interested in learning more about our Motus MMS offering?

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