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2 PROCUREMENT AND DEPLOYMENT The devices you'll be providing to your employees will need to be sourced and ordered. Some providers may offer a discount on bulk orders, but that discount isn't something you can rely on finding, especially if you need to order a new device or a replacement. Ge ng these devices to your employees requires more than knowledge of their home address or an in-person hand off. Device configura on has come a long way with the help of Apple's Device Enrollment Program and Google's Zero Touch Enrollment. Many MDM providers support these programs. If configured properly, once the device is turned on and corporate creden als are entered, it should fully provision itself without interac on from the end user. Not all organiza ons are taking full advantage of these programs yet, as they do require some legwork to be completed up front in order for them to work correctly. DEVICE MONITORING AND MANAGING Keeping tabs on those company provided devices isn't easy without a pla orm. It's incredibly unlikely for a company to establish a pla orm for its own corporate liable phone program. Generally, if the IT department is in need of help, they'll call their carrier representa ve. If there are monitoring systems connected to mobile devices via downloaded so ware, that also requires a en on. Not to men on, as me passes, so ware requires upda ng. YOUR COMPANY'S CORPORATE LIABLE PHONE PROGRAM When a company wants to handle things in-house, they handle everything. A corporate liable phone program, also known as a company-provided device (CPD) program, requires a large amount of me from an IT department. A corporate liable phone program is a program in which companies provide their employees with mobile devices specific to their job requirements. 1 ZERO TOUCH ENABLEMENT ALLOWS DEVICES TO FULLY PROVISION THEMSELVES WITHOUT INTERACTION FROM END USERS.

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