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Compensation programs can be complex to establish and manage. Your compensation structure needs to facilitate recruitment, retention, and equity across geographically dispersed worksites. Additionally, you're tasked with cost control, resource management and the relentless war for talent. As a result, companies are looking for new, innovative approaches, but policies that lack consistency and internal equity offer little to no support and may end up being more expensive. Motus Living Cost Standards reports are designed to address differences in employee purchasing power across multiple work locations. LIVING COST STANDARDS REPORT Every report factors in all cost-of-living components: Housing Taxes Transportation Goods & Services THE MOTUS LIVING COST STANDARDS REPORT Designed specifically to help companies address differences in employee purchasing power, our Living Cost Standards Report offers flexibility. Reports can span multiple office locations. They can also enhance cost-of-labor information with cost-of-living information. This helps companies develop defensible compensation strategies when factoring in different worksites.

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