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CHALLENGES, SOLVED. Accurate insights into travel costs are necessary for crea ng effec ve travel policies, booking travel within the policy parameters and ge ng es mates for pre-trip approvals. Finance leaders forecas ng travel spend and se ng per diems without knowing real costs face considerable challenges. Similarly, managers and employees, without accurate insights, lack the context needed to understand reasonable costs within a city. The same applies for travel buyers who need reference points to nego ate favorable corporate travel rates. Motus Travel Costs offers the tools necessary to op mize T&E spend, create loca on-specific trip es mates and provide travel cost benchmarks. The Travel Costs product suite includes a Business Trip Cost Es mator, City Benchmarks and Airfare Benchmarks. MOTUS TRAVEL COSTS THE DATA YOU NEED TO ESTIMATE, PLAN AND APPROVE ANY BUSINESS TRIP. As organiza ons adapt to an increasingly modern workplace, employees are traveling more for work. With this change, travel expenses are a top line item in many budgets. What's more, travel costs are rising, making them even more challenging to manage. Many businesses need to control their T&E budgets but don't have the tools to accurately es mate and control spend. Companies in the U.S. will spend $111.7B to send employees on over 117M business trips in 2019. Expected Business Travel Cost Increases in 2020: Airfare Ground Transporta on Hotel .5 - 1% 2% 2 - 3% Source: 2019 Costs of Business Travel Report

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