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Small and Medium Business: Shifting From Fleet

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THE PAIN POINTS OF A FLEET PROGRAM Vehicles are a necessary part of company opera on. Many small and medium-sized businesses opt for fleet vehicles to avoid the hassle of reimbursement while offering their employees a benefit. But fleet vehicles aren't cheap and expose companies to legal risk. The facts of fleet are straigh orward. Leased or purchased, the company remains responsible for fleet vehicles. A serious accident could result in a lawsuit targe ng the company. Addi onally, fleet programs cannot scale up or down to respond to sudden economic changes. When business is booming, a fleet requires addi onal vehicles. When it's down, idle vehicles s ll require lease payments and will depreciate in the parking lot un l they're sold. While some employees may enjoy the benefit, another vehicle program can provide similar benefit without the financial liability. $11,619 PER YEAR IS SPENT ON AVERAGE for a single mobile worker who is part of a company-provided vehicle program OVER 3x the number of accidents occur in fleet programs than the overall U.S. driving popula on Total U.S. Popula on 6% 20% Fleet Programs FLEET ACCIDENT FREQUENCY SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESS SHIFTING FROM FLEET TO FAVR

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