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MOTUS LUMP SUM ALLOWANCE REFINES RELOCATION PROCESS AND INCREASES EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION FOR TOP ACCOUNTING FIRM Offering a lump sum allowance to cover at least some por ons of a reloca on has been commonplace for decades at many companies in industries such as pharmaceu cal, auto manufacturing, and oil/gas. However, not all industries have embraced lump sums as they con nue to take either a more paternalis c approach and/or want to keep track of every dollar by requiring employees to collect receipts. One of those industries, accoun ng/consul ng firms, conserva ve by nature, has been historically reluctant to adopt lump sums. CHALLENGES THEY FACED When a large accoun ng firm was given a companywide direc ve to automate and streamline as many processes as they could, the Global Mobility team saw this as an opportunity to refine their current employee reloca on process by introducing a lump sum allowance to their reloca on package. This meant going against the norm of what's typically seen in their industry and convincing senior leadership that this change not only met their direc ve but provided addi onal benefits. GOALS FOR THEIR TEAM The Mobility Team required flexibility first and foremost due to the number of employees they had. Working with their Reloca on Management Company (RMC) and Motus, we first had to iden fy historic spend for home finding, temporary living, and final moves before moving onto crea ng flexible and robust policy parameters that addressed the needs of their employees ranging from new hires to partners.

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