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2 DISTRACTED DRIVING: A PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS Both on-the-job and off-the-job driving accidents impact employers on a range of costs. These include property damage, workplace disrup on, liability, health care and wage replacement. On-the-job highway crashes cost employers $66,119 per million vehicle miles of travel. 1 Some types of risky driving behavior make accidents more likely, and accidents are quite costly for employers. While speeding is more common, it's on-the-job impact is rela vely low. Similarly, fewer than 20% of accidents where at least one driver was alcohol impaired impact people on the job. 1 Distracted driving, however, stands apart – with 74% of accidents occurring while drivers are on the job. Increased use of both personal and corporate devices while driving contributes to increased distrac on and ul mately to accidents. While the most significant cause of preventable accidents, distracted driving is just that: preventable. However, some upper management teams argue that employees need to be able to work on sales calls or teleconferences during long drives, encouraging con nued screen me while driving. 2 On-the-job highway crashes cost employers $66,119 PER MILLION VEHICLE MILES OF TRAVEL 1 ALCOHOL USE COST TO EMPLOYERS ON-THE JOB OFF-THE-JOB $8 BILLION 18% 82% $9.8 BILLION 31% 69% $18.8 BILLION 74% 26% SPEED RELATED DISTRACTED DRIVING COST OF MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES TO EMPLOYERS Source: Network of Employers for Traffic Safety

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