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2 TRADITIONAL BRICK AND MORTAR GETS WHEELS The world was prepped for a surge in digital retail long before the pandemic. Sites like Amazon were already delivering goods to millions of doorsteps a day. But in 2020, goods bought online grew by 24% globally, while store-based sales declined by 7%. 1 While food delivery services such as Uber Eats were already market staples, the grocery industry has seen an extreme shi towards the normaliza on of grocery service delivery. What was not long ago a highly in-person shopping experience has become a consistent trend in online spending and delivery services. And, though sparked by necessity, digital grocery delivery shows no signs of slowing down to pre-pandemic rates. It's es mated that 17% OF GOODS WILL BE BOUGHT ONLINE IN 2021 nearly doubling from 2016 1 COMPANIES LIKE INSTACART SAW A 500% JUMP IN ORDER VOLUME DURING THE PANDEMIC. 2

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