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FAVR THE BLUEPRINT TO A VEHICLE PROGRAM FAVR (fixed and variable rate) is a smart op on for companies looking for a vehicle program that fairly reimburses employees, while protec ng the company from excessive spend and accident liability. Check out what a FAVR Program is made of in this graphic. Why Motus? With our real- me, cloud-based technology pla orm that calculates the exact cost of driving specific to each individual employee's home address, and with a fully automated process for capturing business miles, employees get valuable me back in their day to be more produc ve and companies control costs. It's a win-win for everyone. Contact us today to learn how you can thrive with a FAVR vehicle program. Helps your business stay compliant Concerned about labor laws? The Motus methodology is based on actual, localized costs and supports defensibility. Accounts for fixed costs Reimburse employees for fixed costs of owning a vehicle: insurance, license fees, taxes and deprecia on. Brings variable costs into the equation FAVR provides accurate reimbursements for variable driving costs far beyond fuel. This includes maintenance, oil, re wear and other incidental expenses. 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 120 f a v r Decreases company exposure to risk and liability Over 3x the number of accidents occur in fleet programs than the overall U.S. driving popula on. When a company owns the vehicle, they are liable – whether accidents occur during business hours or not. Provides Fair and Accurate Reimbursement Employers provide a fair and accurate solu on because FAVR reimbursements are localized to the places employees live and work. Is a benefit to employees A FAVR program gives employees the freedom to choose their own car, and can choose a vehicle that fits lifestyle and personal needs, can be shared with family members. Has an automated system FAVR uses automated-mileage tracking, enabling employees to seamlessly capture and submit their mileage. Employees get me back in their day and employers benefit from the reduced administra ve burden. Frees up capital FAVR avoids the capital drain associated with owning and maintaining company vehicles and avoids under or over-reimbursing employees that can occur with a car allowance or cents-per-mile program. Is a tax-free reimbursement Car allowance is a popular vehicle reimbursement method, but many dollars are lost to tax waste. On average, companies can eliminate between $2,000 and $3,000 of tax waste per mobile worker with a FAVR program.

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