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The dynamics of travel have changed materially over the course of the pandemic. As people WorkForward, approaches to business travel have evolved. Leaders planning their approach and travel budget need to understand the latest trends and landscape. Adop on of the virtual business landscape became a necessity to keep employees safe over the course of 2020 and early 2021, and travel volumes suffered. Global restric ons also contributed to a decline in both domes c and interna onal flights. The widespread use of video conferencing drove a significant decline in travel spending – fewer than 1 in 5 companies reached even 25% of their 2019 quarterly spend as of Q2 2021. 1 While many organiza ons have implemented successful WorkAnywhere strategies, employees are anxious to return to in-person mee ngs and events. Virtual mee ngs are a viable op on, but a con ngent feel that a lack of in-person mee ngs limits their ability to build client rela onships. 4 Some business leaders are ready to take to the skies and roads again. The real ques on is: at what capacity? U.S. business travel spend es mated to be down $192 billion in 2021. 2 Even as vaccina ons proliferate, the future of business travel remains uncertain. Air travel volumes have recovered substan ally from 2020 levels through Q3 2021. However, they have not yet returned to their pre-pandemic volumes, mostly because of con nued interna onal impact. 3 U.S. business travel spend es mated to BE DOWN $192 BILLION IN 2021 2 © 2021 MOTUS, LLC 2 TOTAL FLIGHT DEPARTURES BY WEEK Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Nov Dec Jan Sep Oct 0 K 50 K 100 K 150 K 200 K 250 K 2019 2020 2021 Source: U.S. Bureau of Transportation Services

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