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Mileage Capture: Why Accuracy Matters

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MILEAGE CAPTURE: WHY ACCURACY MATTERS Whether an organization provides mobile employees with company cars or reimburses them tax-free for the business use of their personal vehicles, the IRS requires employees to capture and record daily mileage. Most employers view this as a simple task, yet many admit that few employees do so. With the appropriate technology in place to accurately capture business, commute, and personal mileage, employers can create equitable and compliant programs while providing employees intuitive tools to eliminate manual tasks in the field. Mileage Capture: Comparing the Options Manual, Self-Reported Automated, GPS Employee typically maintains a paper mileage log, capturing starting and ending odometer readings for a trip or day Employee uses a mobile device to capture each business stop Mileage is manually calculated by employee Mileage is automatically calculated using best-of-breed mapping soware Manual tasks are time consuming Automated tasks take less than 10 seconds at each stop Employees oen mistakenly include commute mileage in their business mileage total – not IRS-compliant Commute mileage is automatically deducted based on company and IRS commute policy

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