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How the Motus Program Benefits You Save time with fair and accurate mileage tracking and reimbursement The 3 Benefits of Leveraging Technology as a Finance Leader It's designed for you. Avoid having to spend hours accounting for each stop you make and worrying about getting reimbursed what you deserve for your business expenses. The Motus App automates mileage tracking so you can spend time focused on your most important tasks. Then, we calculate an accurate mileage reimbursement rate based on where and how far you drive. Tracking your mileage has never been easier. Automated mileage tracking with the Motus App reduces your time spent on administrative tasks in the field. Save yourself from the headache of manually updating an Excel spreadsheet or trying to remember your odometer reading from last month. With GPS-verified mileage, you can rest assured you've got IRS-compliant mileage logs. The easy-to-use mobile app lets you track and submit mileage with the tap of a button. "Motus has been much more accurate and efficient, saving our employees time and reducing frustrations." – Operations Manager, Fortune 500 Computer Hardware Company Source: TechValidate "The Motus App is easy to use. With the click of one button, my mileage is logged accurately and I'm able to save time during my day." – Marketing Professional Getting reimbursed the right amount matters to all of us. With Motus, you get reimbursed fairly and accurately for the costs of driving for work. Personalized mileage reimbursement rates consider the local costs of things like fuel and insurance premiums specific to where you live. The rates also take into account how far you drive and what type of vehicle is needed to do your job. How the Motus Program Benefits You

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