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MOTUS AUTOMATED DATA INTEGRATION Automated data feeds are becoming increasingly popular integrations. With Motus Automated Data Integration, program administrators greatly reduce time spent monitoring and maintaining accurate employee HRIS data. Our turnkey integration yields time back to program administrators, removing the administrative burden of adding / removing program participants and processing day-to-day HRIS data changes. Maintaining data integrity and ensuring Motus is synced with your HRIS system of record has never been easier. How Does It Work? Once Motus Automated Data Integration is configured, the general day-to-day process is as follows: Motus, LLC | Two Financial Center Boston, MA 02111 (888) 312-0788 Employee is added, updated, or terminated directly in your HRIS system Employee data is automatically transmitted to Motus. No action is required by program administrators The Motus system automatically creates, updates or terminates respective driver account(s) Integration Benefits: 1. Consistent and Accurate Data Assurance that Motus driver data will always match your employee records. 2. Reduced Administrative Burden Your HRIS system remains "system of record". Driver data is automatically pushed to Motus, eliminating the need for program administrators to waste time pushing updates to Motus via email or phone. 3. Increased Data Integrity Reduced manual processing removes the risk of human error and inaccurate data. 4. Reduced Approval and Turnaround Time Since employee updates are pushed directly to Motus from your HRIS system instead of from employees themselves, Motus does not require validation and approval from program administrators. Unnecessary email chains are a thing of the past. Motus Automated Data Integration supports new hires, terminations, and changes to pertinent employee data, including addresses, groups, commute deduction policy designation, and managers. NEARLY 65% OF MOTUS DRIVERS ARE CONFIGURED THROUGH AUTOMATED DATA INTEGRATION. FACT

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