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MOTUS INTEGRATION FOR CONCUR Motus specializes in developing fair, defensible and tax-free reimbursement programs for employees driving their own vehicles for business. Motus mileage capture technologies drive compliance, increase productivity and deliver actionable business intelligence across your mobile workforce. With Motus Integration for Concur, achieve full transparency into mobile employee expenses and gain the actionable data needed to drive be er outcomes across your mobile workforce. Business-Expense Reimbursement Reimbursements are intended to cover business expenses only. Personal use, including commute mileage, is not reimbursable. Reimbursement calculations are accurate and easily explained, and the program is frequently reviewed and updated as necessary. Reduced Costs Motus calculates tax-free Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) reimbursements that eliminate the FICA / payroll taxes associated with flat car allowances. Our tax-efficient approach increases the net benefit to your employees and significantly reduces your overall program costs. Companies switching to a FAVR program from a flat cents- per-mile rate benefit from cost reduction by providing accurate reimbursements that eliminate overpayments and remove inherent risk of under reimbursing any employees. Employee Freedom Reimbursements may be applied to the vehicle and accessories of your employees' choice, within the guidelines set forth in your company's vehicle policy. Resources Focused on Core Competencies Establishing, tracking, and maintaining an accurate vehicle reimbursement program are not the core competencies of most organizations. Motus removes this administrative burden and allows you to focus on the core objectives of your business. Liability Lowered For companies operating fleets and transitioning to a FAVR plan, accidents occurring outside of business hours are no longer the responsibility of your organization. Equitability / Tailored Reimbursements Reimbursements reflect geographic cost differentials, variations in fuel prices, and annual business miles driven. They are tailored to fairly reimburse each employee for the costs he or she actually incurs. Motus Vehicle Reimbursement Benefits

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