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Vehicle Reimbursement: Motus ensures companies provide cost-effective and accurate reimbursements for their mobile employees. We consider both the fixed and variable costs that employees incur when driving their personal vehicles for business and calculate a tax-free fixed and variable rate (FAVR) reimbursement for each employee. Our reimbursements are calculated on the individual, employee-level to account for geographic cost variances, territory conditions, and actual business miles driven. Fleet Personal Use: Motus ensures compliance and drives cost recovery for companies using fleet vehicles. We automatically capture exact business, commute, and other personal miles to calculate the taxable benefit associated with each employee's personal use of the company vehicle. Our calculations account for geographic cost variances, territory conditions, and the number of personal miles driven. For companies looking to minimize end-of-year tax impact and to recoup costs associated with personal use, Motus determines fair and accurate monthly chargeback amounts on an individual, employee-level (versus a single, flat chargeback amount for all employees). Mileage Tracking: Motus' mileage tracking app calculates trip-by-trip mileage, captures employee activities, self-populates company location names and addresses, automates commute deduction policies, and populates IRS-compliant daily mileage logs, saving your mobile workers valuable time. GPS tracking is entirely driver-initiated and can be paused at any time – there is no privacy infringement whatsoever, which has proven to drive adoption in the field. Motus is focused on improving the lives of mobile employees – those who spend much of their work lives in their cars. We provide solutions for both personal vehicle reimbursement and company-provided vehicle programs (fleets). Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, we calculate each employee's individual driving costs to determine fair and accurate vehicle reimbursement and fleet chargeback amounts. Our automated platform drives compliance, increases productivity, and delivers actionable business intelligence. With Motus Integration for Salesforce, achieve full transparency into field activity and gain the actionable data needed to drive better outcomes across your mobile workforce. MOTUS INTEGRATION FOR SALESFORCE

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