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Motus, LLC | Two Financial Center Boston, MA 02111 (888) 312-0788 How Does It Work? Program Administrators add, update or terminate employees directly in the Motus online system The Motus system automatically creates, updates or terminates respective driver account(s) Motus Self-Service Module supports new hires, terminations and changes to pertinent employee data, including addresses, groups, managers and employee-level custom variables. NEARLY 35% OF MOTUS DRIVERS ARE CONFIGURED THROUGH OUR SELF-SERVICE MODULE FACT Self-Service Module Benefits 1. Increased Efficiency Eliminate unnecessary email chains with your Motus account team. Once a change is saved, your work is done. No further follow-up is needed. 2. Real-time Updates Push changes directly to drivers' accounts in real-time. 3. Transparency & Visibility Our Self-Service Module provides insight into historical driver changes through comprehensive audit logs. MOTUS SELF-SERVICE MODULE Motus program administrators are provided with access to our Self-Service Module, an online tool for managing driver updates. In less time than it takes to craft an email or pick up the phone, you can push driver changes directly to their accounts in real time.

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