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We had several goals in outsourcing our auto allowance program; Reduce expenses, reduce administration, and reduce the risk to our company. All goals were met by Motus and the estimated cost reduction was significantly exceeded. Our internal administration is minimized and the rest is handled very well by Motus. The transition went smoothly, Motus works with our employees effectively and without complaints, and the risks inherent in our program have been minimized. Motus is very customer focused and responsive. I would give any prospective customer a high recommendation to seriously consider using your services. I believe they will be very pleased. Vice President, Human Resources, Electronic Materials Manufacturer Motus has been extremely helpful with explaining their services and the benefits of the tax-free reimbursement program to our field staff. They have always been available for either onsite presentations, webinars, and over the phone. We found the biggest advantage of their services was the ability for us to offer a competitive alternative program to a company sponsored fleet vehicle. Whenever we have had the need to make slight modifications to our program they have handled each of our requests with ease. Their team is responsive and professional. Vice President of Finance, World Leader in Digital Camera's, Clinical Microscopes, and Diagnostic Test Equipment We are a pharmaceutical business and did not want to be in the car business by having a company leased fleet and supporting staff. Under the Motus Program, staff members have the flexibility to drive the car of their choice. The reimbursement model is fair in that it is customized to each driver's location & mileage, and the reimbursement methodology provides for tax free distribution of expenses. Motus has been very responsive to helping our employees understand the program including regularly scheduled teleconferences for our field staff. Additionally, the administration of the program has been seamless since the start. Vice President of Sales, Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY

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