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Motus Driver Safety Solutions Advances in technology have influenced the economy in recent years where more people are driving for work than ever before. This change has brought a new wave of distracted driving, increased motor vehicle accidents and record numbers of vehicle-related deaths (40,200 motor vehicle related deaths in 2016 marked the highest number of fatalities in a decade). Even more alarming, on-the-job crashes that result in an injury cost employers $74,000 on average. Annually, motor vehicle accidents cost employers $60 billion. In addition to the financial impact, employees typically miss three days of work to recover from an accident – costing the business in lost productivity. Motus Driver Safety Solutions keep your mobile employees' safe on the road — allowing them to visit clients and stay productive instead of recover physically and mentally from an accident. You're able to protect not only your employees, but also your bottom line, eliminating accident-related expenses such as property damage, liability and medical care. The risk associated with driving for work has reached record levels, and it's more critical than ever to prioritize the safety of your team while they're on the road. of all motor vehicle accidents last year were work-related. 40% Learn more at

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