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Partnering With Motus Your customers rely on you to guide them through competitive challenges today and in the future. They turn to you for innovative ways to achieve cost savings, operational efficiencies and drive long-term success. An often overlooked, but significant, opportunity to drive efficiencies lies within their vehicle programs. Hundreds of companies rely on our vehicle reimbursement program to deliver cost savings, ensure company and IRS-compliance and drive field-level efficiencies. How The Program Works With a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) reimbursement program administered by Motus, your mobile employees get reimbursed tax-free. And personalized reimbursement rates, based on where and how far they drive for work, ensure they get reimbursed the right amount, every time. Fixed payments cover annual expenses, such as car insurance, taxes, license and registration fees and depreciation. Variable payments cover mileage-based costs that change each month, such as gas, oil, maintenance and tire wear. We calculate these costs for each employee and the Motus App captures mileage to drive field efficiencies and ensure accurate and IRS-compliant reporting each month. When It's a Good Fit Our program is a perfect fit for companies that have employees who drive at least 5,000 business miles a year and reimburse using the IRS Safe Harbor Rate or a taxable car allowance. Trusted Brands Trust Motus FIXED COSTS Insurance License & Registration Fees Taxes Depreciation Fuel Oil Maintenance Tires VARIABLE COSTS Partnering With Motus

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