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Cost Savings 100% of surveyed Motus customers realize ROI within a year "Since joining Motus, we have seen an 18% decrease in vehicle reimbursement expenses in just a few months." – Business Professional, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company Increased Accuracy "With Motus, we are paying a fairer amount to the driver and they are entering more accurate mileage." - Business Professional, Large Enterprise Retail Company Improved Compliance Accurate reimbursements reduce the legal risk associated with under-reimbursing employees (i.e. violations of Fair Labor Standards Act and California Labor Code Section 2802). " Motus has removed the burden from accounting and gives us visibility into our mileage costs, while giving us the confidence that we are IRS-compliant." – Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company Increased Efficiency "Motus has been much more accurate and efficient, saving our employees time and reducing frustrations." - Operations Manager, For tune 500 Computer Hardware Company "…Our sales people can now concentrate on sales, not recording miles." – Business Professional, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company Personalized Reimbursements vs. Car Allowances Monthly Car Allowance $300 *Assuming 25% Income Tax. Employee FICA taxes not included. $500 $700 $323.96 $538.25 $753.55 $225 $375 $525 $97.95 $163.25 $228.55 $1,175.40 $1,959.00 $2,742.60 Monthly Company Cost (Including FICA Taxes) Net Monthly Employee Take-Home Amount* Available Monthly Tax Savings per Employee Available Annual Tax Savings per Employee Annual Miles 10,000 15,000 20,000 $5,800 $8,700 $11,600 $4,694 $5,367 $6,093 $1,106 $3,333 $5,507 IRS Safe Harbor Rate ($0.58) Motus FAVR Reimbursement Annual Savings / Employee FAVR Reimbursements vs. the IRS Safe Harbor Rate Partnering With Motus

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